NRSBU is responsible for 15.5km of rising mains, 4 pump stations, a wastewater treatment plant and a biosolids application facility.  Indicative replacement costs as at 2006 are shown below.

NRSBU summary asset replacement costs

NRSBU summary asset replacement costs
Item Indicative 2006 Replacement Cost ($)
Land 20,000
Pump Stations 4,487,878
Pipeline 6,164,304
Aeration Basin Equipment 2,858,492
Clarifier 2,360,107
ATAD Plant 6,974,002
Biosolids Facility 1,121,857
Oxidation Ponds 8,259,574
Outfall 1,222,603
Buildings 515,964
Roads 375,651
Resource Consents 625,096
Forestry 0

Schematic of the system

A schematic view of how the Bells Island Sewerage Treatment Plant works.