Pump stations

The NRSBU operates four pump stations, three of these being very large and Wakatu being small (in comparison to the other three).  There are linkages between pump stations ie Wakatu pumps into the Richmond to Saxton rising main, the Saxton acts as a booster for the Richmond/Wakatu pump stations and the Saxton and Airport have a common rising main across the estuary to Bells Island.  All pump stations have SCADA and flow monitoring installed.

Pump station details

Statistics about the pump stations
Name Location Residual Life (years) at 2007 Storage Capacity ADWF As at 2004 Pump Capacity  - Lts/sec *
Duty Pumps Pump 3
Richmond Beach Rd 1 - 55 1.8hrs 176 l/s 389/s
Saxton Saxton Rd 1 - 55 1hr 192 l/s 312/s
Airport Stoke 1 - 55 1.2hrs 183 l/s 458/s
Wakatu Wakatu Industrial estate 7 - 76 4hrs 40 l/s -

* Approximate maximum values