Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015

Mission Statement

The NRSBU’s mission statement is:

“To identify the long term wastewater processing and reticulation needs of our customers and to meet current and future needs in the most cost effective and sustainable manner.”

Strategic Goals

  • Wastewater reticulation, treatment and disposal services meet customers’ long term needs
  • The costs of wastewater reticulation, treatment and disposal services are minimised
  • Risks associated with the services provided are identified and mitigated to a level agreed with customers.
  • NRSBU operates sustainably and endeavours to remedy or mitigate any identified adverse environmental impact.
  • Good relationships are maintained with all stakeholders. 
  • All statutory obligations are met.

All strategic goals are important and no one goal will be pursued at the expense of another.

Download the full Strategic Plan (96KB PDF)