Business Plan 2012-13

This document describes the NRSBU Business Plan for the 2012-2013 year. The Business Plan defines the projects and initiatives to be undertaken during the year, the funds required to undertake those activities, and the ways in which performance will be measured. The purpose of the plan is to establish management goals and plans to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the NRSBU in line with its strategic goals.

The Business Plan is based on the NRSBU Strategic Plan 2012-2015 (Appendix A) and the Asset Management Plan 2012-2015 (AMP). It incorporates the business objectives and performance targets (Section 4) and the 3 year financial forecasts (Section 6), both of which require the approval of shareholding Councils and form the basis for external reporting. The targeted service levels set by the AMP (Appendix C), the internal business improvement plan (Appendix D), the 10 year financial plan (Appendix E) and a schematic layout of the NRSBU operations (Appendix F) are also provided.

Download the NRSBU Business Plan (291KB PDF)