Bell Island Treatment Ponds Sludge Survey

Conhur provides sludge surveys for both sludge lagoons and oxidation ponds. We utilize the latest technology to provide as accurate a result as possible. Our sludge surverys provide estimates of:

  • The volume of sludge contained within the ponds
  • The average solids content of the sludge contained in the ponds
  • The total tonnes dry solids (tDS) contained within the ponds

Conhur was contracted by Nelson City Council to survey the sludge contained in the three facultative ponds and two maturation ponds at the Bell Island WWTP. The survey was undertaken over a period of two days form 9 to 10 November in wet, calm weather conditions. This was a follow up to an original survey completed by Conhur in November 2012.

Download the full report (3MB PDF)