Asset Management Plan

2018-28 Wastewater Asset Management Plan (4.7MB PDF)

In terms of NRSBU planning processes, the Asset Management Plan (AMP) is set at a tactical level between the Business Plan (a strategic document) and numerous process plans (operational documents).  The AMP is a significant management tool that will guide and influence decision-making. The most recent plan was developed in 2017.

The objectives of the AMP are to demonstrate that NRSBU:

  • Understands what asset capacity will be required in the future, and what issues drive this capacity requirement
  • Has shown how it will proactively and continually improve knowledge of its assets
  • Has robust and transparent processes in place for managing, operating, maintaining, renewing and extending assets
  • Has adequately considered the class of risks its activities face, and has systematic processes in place to mitigate identified risks
  • Has made adequate provision for funding asset operations, maintenance, renewals and upgrades
  • Outcomes delivered by the assets are increasingly aligned to the five contributors wishes and to other internally and externally imposed levels or standards

The Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit is a joint committee of Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council. It was established to look after the owners’ (the two councils) interests in the Regional Sewerage Scheme.  A Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by the two Mayors and CEO’s in September 2015 (replacing the previous MOU signed in December 2000) governs the operation of the NRSBU.

Purpose of this Asset Management Plan

In terms of NRSBU planning processes, the Wastewater Asset Management Plan (AMP) is set at a tactical level between the NRSBU Strategic Plan and numerous process plans (operational documents).  The AMP is a management tool that guides and influences decision-making.

The purpose of this AMP is to outline and summarise, in a coordinated manner, the NRSBU’s long-term management approach for the provision and maintenance of the Regional Sewerage Scheme.  Financial projections from the AMP will support and justify the financial forecasts in Business Plans.  Similarly, the AMP provides the basis for preparation of Annual Reports.

Emphasis for NRSBU

The emphasis for the NRSBU will be:

  • Continuation of NCC and TDC’s work on Inflow and Infiltration, as this will significantly reduce the need for future capital expenditure
  • Optimisation of processes
  • Mitigation of management, process and external risks to the continued operation of the assets.

Download the Wastewater Asset Management Plan 2017 (1.7MB PDF)

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