Annual Report 2010-11


This annual report is a review of what has been achieved by the NRSBU in the 2010/11 financial year and its level of performance against key performance indicators.

The year in review

The letting of the contract for the Regional Pipeline Upgrade will create additional capacity in the network, provide the opportunity to improve the management of flows and loads to the plant, improve the ability to manage emergencies and prevent/mitigate  overflows at pump stations.  The installation of dedicated power generators at the four major pump stations that can drive the duty pumps at these pump stations is seen as a significant improvement in the ability of the NRSBU to mitigate overflows contaminating the Waimea Estuary.

With the Outfall Capacity Upgrade project nearing completion the NRSBU will in future have the means to achieve discharge rates allowed in the resource consent and be in a much better position to manage the Bell Island ponds effectively to buffer high inflow events following high intensity rain events.

To keep the Board and staff of the NRSBU up to date with technology and trends in the wastewater industry the Board arranged a field trip in July 2011 to study sludge treatment processes operated by three North Island wastewater treatment plants of similar size to Bell Island.

The Annual Customer Survey undertaken in March 2011 showed general confidence in the customer service provided by the NRSBU. The results of this survey are discussed later in this document.  The open day for Best Island residents was attended by seven residents. During the year tours of the NRSBU facilities were conducted with a group of students from the Teachers Training College and three groups of students from Waimea College.

The Board decided to accept the assistance of a community group, the Bell Island Spit Restoration group, with the restoration of the Bell Island spit area.  The group uses the project to encourage College students to become involved with environmental restoration projects in the Nelson/Tasman area.  

Health and Safety continues to be a priority.  Two Health and Safety audits were conducted during the year and no issues were identified.

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