Rising main design underway

The ~$20m project to create a new regional sewage pipeline from Monaco to Bells Island is underway, with the project currently in the resource consent process. Consent approval is expected around July 2010.

In order not to delay the completion of the project it was resolved to continue with the detailed design while the resource consent process is running. The full project, including auxiliary works to the Beach Road, Saxton Road and Airport pump stations as well as the construction of a new pump station at Songer Street, is programmed for completion in May 2011.

Diagram of the rising main

Diagram of the rising main.


You can download the full resource consent for the duplicate pipeline, but please note the large files sizes that are due to scanning original documents. The document can be downloaded in full, including the application, appendices, and annexes, or it can be downloaded in four smaller documents.

Full resource consent

Download the full resource consent including application, appendices and annexes (36MB PDF)

In parts

Download the resource consent application (442KB PDF)

Download appendices A, B, C and D (16MB PDF)

Download appendices E, F, G, H and I as well as annexes A, B and C (20MB PDF)