A+ for energy use at Bell Island

An independent energy audit of the region’s sewerage treatment plant at Bell Island has come back with impressive results.

The report by energy and utility consultant firm Enercon said: “Overall, the plant is operating very energy efficiently, with many energy conserving features and practices already in place.”

Enercon went on to say the site “would fit into the top 1 % of energy audits we have done for operating efficiency”.

The audit was carried out to find ways to improve energy efficiency at the site and optimise performance of the overall waste water treatment process.

Nelson City Council’s Engineering Adviser Johan Thiart says while the results are very pleasing, there is more that can be done.

“This has been a really useful exercise. It shows that site staff have a proactive and knowledgeable approach towards energy management, which is encouraging when considering long term efficiency.

“Electricity is not currently generated on site. The report highlighted some ways we can reduce our electricity consumption and therefore costs going forward and we will be investigating these.”

The sewerage plant is administered by the Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit (Which is a joint Committee of TDC and NCC) and is operated by contractor CPG.

A copy of the full report can be found on the plans and reports page.